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Investment Highlights

Investments in residential properties mainly located in major regional cities

  • Diversified investments in primarily in rigorously screened residential properties with stable lease income located in a broad range of cities nationwide with emphasis placed on major regional cities.
  • Focusing on acquiring single and compact type properites with the stadily demands in single-person households.
  • Adoping (Taking) the fixed-rent master lease (ML) or the long term agreement based on the characteristics of each assets for stable cash flow.
Growth Potential
  • While securing investment oppotunities in highly competitive and carefyully screened residential properties, including "S-RESIDENCE"brand, paving the way for continually investing in new properties.
  • Primarily investing in major regional cities area where Samty group possesses a considerable amount of operational experiences and expertise in the field of real estate.
Earnings Potential
  • Investing in limited competition area in the acquisition, by leveraging the strength of the Samty Group.
  • Acquiring high competitiveness assets with the appropriate price by cross trade transaction or using the sponsor support.
  • Ensuring the flexibile acquisition of high-quality assets by using the undisclosed investments.

Support from the Samty Group

Access to a stable supply of S-RESIDENCE series properties being developed by the Samty Group

S-RESIDENCEThe S-RESIDENCE series is a premium brand of rentable condominiums developed by the Samty Group. Corresponding to its expanding nationwide sales and branch network. the Samty Group is continuing its acquisition of land for further development of S-RESIDENCE series properties.

・Exclusive negotiating rights
Samty Residential Investment Corporation has established an essential pipeline with regard to acquisition of S-RESIDENCE series properties for future development via exclusive negotiating rights granted under the sponsor support agreement.
・Stable supply of newly developed properties
Samty Residential Investment Corporation will continue to add S-RESIDENCE series newly developed and conveniently located properties into its portfolio to steadily increase the amount of its assets and enhance the quality of its portfolio.

Wide-reaching support of the sponsor

Samty Residential Investment Corporation will be able to tap into various forms of support from its sponsor for both internal- and external-led growth, which will include its warehousing function, support for redevelopment projects, the provision of a fixed lease rate master lease agreement, and its leasing support capabilities. Through this support, Samty Residential Investment Corporation will leverage the long-standing leasing track record and knowledge base of the Samty Group to acquire properties in a wide range of regional cities in Japan and lease them out efficiently.

・Enhancing value through a unified brand
As for other properties besides the S-RESIDENCE series, Samty Residential Investment Corporation plans to expand use of the unified brand called S-FORT. Through continual expansion under the S-RESIDENCE and S-FORT brands, Samty Residential Investment Corporation will seek to enhance the added value of its properties by providing living environments that are comfortable for residents and exceed expectations in terms of quality.
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