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A-11S-FORT Nakajima Koen

Address 1-13-139, Minami Hachijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Access Approx. a five-minute walk from Nakajima Koen Sta., Sapporo City Subway Namboku Line
Approx. a seven-minute walk from Housui Susukino Sta., Sapporo City Subway Toho Line
Number of rentableunits 75
Construction completed Jul. 2006
Acquisition price 1,590 million yen
Appraised NOI yield 5.7%
Type Compact / Family

Property description

This property, which has compact type and family type units, is about a five-minute walk from Nakajima Koen Station on the Sapporo City Subway Namboku Line and a seven-minute walk from Hosui Susukino Station on the Sapporo City Subway Toho Line.
It takes about three minutes to reach Odori Station from Nakajima Koen Station using the subway and about five minutes to reach Sapporo Station, providing excellent access to the downtown core of Sapporo.
The Toyohira River flows along the boundary of Toyohira Ward to the east of this property and Nakajima Park, which houses important heritage sites such as Toyohirakan and Hassoan, is found to the south, which provides a vibrant living environment that changes with each season.

With such characteristics, convenience of transportation and living is excellent and the property is believed to have a high level of competitiveness in the leasing market of areas with similar economic situations.

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