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A-14S-FORT Kyoto Nishioji

Address 29-1, Nishi Shichijo Nakano-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Access Approx. a one-minute walk from Nanajo Omaedori Bus Stop, Kyoto City Bus
Approx. a 15-minute walk from Nishioji Sta., JR Tokaido Line
Number of rentableunits 71
Construction completed Jun. 2006
Acquisition price 745 million yen
Appraised NOI yield 5.9%
Type Single / Commercial

Property description

This property, which is a single type with storefronts, is about a one-minute walk from Nanajo Omaedori bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus, which is about a 17-minute bus ride to JR Kyoto Station. It is also about a three-minute walk from Nishioji Nanajo bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus, which is about a 21-minute bus ride to Hankyu Karasuma Station.
This property is also a 15-minute walk from Nishioji Station on the JR Tokaido Line, which is one station and three minutes away from JR Kyoto Station, providing excellent access to the city’s major business and commercial area. The neighborhood is flatland and next to the Nanajo Shopping Arcade. In additional to a nearby post office, elementary school, park, and stores selling daily essentials, Kyoto City Hospital is within a 10-minute walk. Other parts of the city are also easily accessed through the well-developed bus network.

With such characteristics, convenience of transportation and living is excellent and the property is believed to have a relatively high level of competitiveness in the leasing market of areas with similar economic situations.

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