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C-10S-RESIDENCE Yokosuka Chuo

Address 1‐5‐15 Yonegahamadori, Yokosuka‐shi, Kanagawa
Access Approx. a six minute walk from Yokosuka Chuo Station on the Keikyu Main Line
Number of rentableunits 25
Construction completed Feb. 2016
Acquisition price 850 million yen
Appraised NOI yield 6.0%
Type Single / Day nursery

Property description

The Property is a dormitory provided as part of welfare offerings of a corporation, and has single type units with a day nursery for its employees. A long‐term lease agreement has been concluded with the said corporation, allowing expectations for stable cash flows over a long term. Situated about a six‐minute walk from Yokosuka Chuo Station on the Keikyu Main Line, the Property enjoys favorable living convenience with a concentration of restaurants, shopping centers and other stores around the station. The Property has general‐purpose specifications as an ordinary rental condominium, and is fully equipped with housing equipment and security facilities. The area around Yokosuka Chuo Station, where the Property is located, calls for demand primarily from single‐household working adults who commute to companies and hospitals, etc. within and around Yokosuka City.

With such characteristics, the Property is believed to have a high level of superiority and competitiveness in the leasing market of areas with comparable supply and demand trends.

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